Forældrekompetenceundersøgelser, Aarhus
januar 29, 2024
Forældrekompetenceundersøgelser, Aarhus
januar 29, 2024


Visual abstract: Development and Validation of the Assessment Inventory on relationship Risks and Resources (AIRR)

Leth-Nissen, A. B; Fentz, H. N; Wellnitz, K. B; Trillingsgaard, T. L. (2024). Family Relations.


Key Research Question

How to assess and interpret risks and resources in romantic relationships?

Background and objective

In couple therapy, a conceptualization of the couple’s key strengths and concerns is often an important clinical task. The AIRR is a multidimensional yet brief self-report measure of relationship health.

Design and method

  • Sample: 1,371 representative Danish Citizens, 18-69 years of age, living with romantic partner
  • Data: Online Survey, self-reports
  • Analyses: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses with split-data design.

Conclusion and implications

Findings support that the AIRR reliably assesses relationship risks and resources.

The AIRR is a flexible tool for case formulation and for measuring progress or effects.